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Since this treatment is based on the use of your own blood, the risk of an immunological reaction or contamination with communicable diseases is eliminated.

You will get the following results and benefits:

Better elasticity, tone and thickness of the skin
Improved skin color
Collagen fiber reshaping
Long-term smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
Faster healing after cosmetic treatments (laser, chemical peel)

Indicated for the following skins:

Dry and tired skin
Lack of tone
Irregular pigmentation
Sign of aging skin
Increased risk of allergic reactions

Your blood is collected in the collection tubes and centrifuged to obtain the serum. The doctor injects the deep dermis into the area to be treated to speed up the process of tissue regeneration and reconstruction. Treatment ends with mesotherapy combined with the rest of the serum.

Local redness may appear directly after treatment, it is advisable not to clean the skin on the same day, so moisturize well for 24 hours. For optimal results, three sessions should be held at intervals of approximately 30 days.

The techniques of palliative cosmetic medicine:

These techniques make it possible to partially fill in and erase wrinkles, especially peribuccal wrinkles as well as the nasolabial fold.
To correct dynamic wrinkles, the the world-renowned protein is used to temporarily paralyze (3-6 months) the front muscles and muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles in the lion, crow’s feet, and plathysmal bands in the neck.
There is also the possibility of stimulating the skin with different energy methods such as radiofrequency, infrared or pulsed light.
Dracula therapy has also become an effective treatment to stimulate skin regeneration.

Mesotherapy price list

Hyaluronic acid
Sfr 200.– the session (3 sessions 1x / month)

Dracula treatment
Sfr 500.– the session (3 sessions 1x / month)

Dracula treatment + hyaluronic acid
Sfr 600.– the session (3 sessions 1x / month)

Complete Dracula treatment with deep infiltration and mesotherapy
Sfr 800.– the session (3 sessions 1x / month)

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