Beauty care and wellness …

We suggest you to make a facelift by making a specific facial in our beautiful office.

From the first moments, we will make you take off and take you to a magical place where relaxation is at its height. We invite you to discover our various treatments: facial, relaxing massage, hot stone therapy, beauty of hands and feet …




A facial care is an aesthetic care to clean, maintain and remedy any impurities in the face (comedones, fine lines, dehydration). It requires the use of adapted cosmetics and a rigorously orchestrated process. But it also gives way to relaxation.

the scrub eliminates dead cells on the surface of the skin and lighten the complexion.
the warm or hot spray dilates the pores for better penetration of the active ingredients of the products to come and promotes the extraction of comedones that will follow.
the face massage, the favorite part of everyone … A moment of relaxation assured with relaxing maneuvers …….
the mask (cream, “earthy”, gel, “plaster” … texture and various components according to skin types) gives a boost, softens the skin, moisturizes, temporarily removes excessive production of sebum and smooth the lines in depth.

Hands and feet beauty


Hands and feet beauty

This very complete treatment including filing, exfoliations, cuticles, relaxing hand massage, uses products based on essential oils.

It can be completed with a manicure and a nail polish or Gel Color (OPI)



Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a massage, light, gentle and rhythmic, promoting the flow of lymph inside the lymphatic vessels in the direction of the ganglia. These produce the immune cells and destroy the bacteria.

This massage prevents the lymph from stagnating in the tissues by quickly reintegrating it into the bloodstream. Drainage is anti-oedematous, healing, improves the microcirculation and immune defenses of the body. It is regenerating, analgesic and relaxing. It aims to detoxify and regenerate tissues, eliminate stasis and assume better hydration cells. Each movement is done according to a rhythm and a very precise path.

TCA peeling


TCA peeling

TCA Peel, BRA®

BRA (Biocell Rejuvenation Activator) ® and TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is a state-of-the-art product that allows an optimum level of penetration of its active ingredients.

For an optimal result, it is necessary to proceed to several sessions of application (3-4), respecting a minimum period of 8 days between each session.

It allows the correction of skin surface imperfections:

Dull or uneven skin tone
The skin with seborrheic tendency
fine wrinkles
Pigmentary anomalies
A desquamation can be observed or not after 48-72 hours.

Slight local redness may appear directly after treatment, so hydrate throughout the treatment and be careful not to expose to the sun or artificial tanning under UV.

Use a high-protection sunscreen (SPF 50).

PRP with Dermapen



Platelate Rich Plasma (PRP) is an aesthetic treatment that is based on the healing potential of your blood to stimulate the cells in your skin. This treatment uses the richness of plasma growth factors and the cellular stimulation mechanism to regenerate and revitalize damaged skin.