“Nothing goes like years, nothing lasts like minutes”, (Thomas Owen)


Dear Patient,

The infrastructure and resources of the health care system in most countries of the world are strained by the spread of COVID-19, especially when it comes to caring for the most seriously ill patients.

While social distancing, crowd control and other techniques are being imposed in many countries to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 prevalence, it is also important to think ahead about the individuals who will nevertheless become infected.

We plastic surgeons, by nature, have a high percentage of patients whose operations and treatments are neither acute nor urgent, and these are what are known as elective procedures or treatments.

Our government has decreed by law for the time being we postpone such non-urgent elective surgery and treatment.

We have to postpone your planned operation until legal and regulatory restrictions no longer exist.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience to you but hope that you understand the goals: to save resources, which are needed urgently elsewhere, for example in intensive care and emergency medicine; to protect you as our patient; and to protect personnel.

In the times of COVID-19, even in well-organized health systems there are currently shortages and delivery difficulties of emergency drugs, antibiotics, protective gowns, masks, disinfectants and infusions worldwide.  Quarantine measures or infections can also lead to bottlenecks for medical personnel.

For these reasons at this time we can only follow up on:

Freshly operated patients

Patients with the following diseases: acute inflammations, acute complications after operations, acute burns.

This is for our protection, but also especially for your own. Our highest priority is to protect you as our patient from unnecessary risk, and we need in addition to make sure that we as medical professionals are available to help in an emergency situation if required.

Injections or “Botox” treatments cannot be offered at this time due to the regulations.

We must postpone your consultation appointment at this time for these reasons.

We know exactly how much you have been preparing for the planned operation, maybe even looking forward to it, maybe taking a holiday, planning help and planning replacements at work, but we must follow the legal regulations and hope that these will help to stop the rapid spread of the virus and to fight the serious course of the disease worldwide.

We thank you again for your understanding.

Please call us and let us try to find alternative dates for you as soon as possible.

+41 79 4158682 or info@mbswiss.ch

*In the meantime we are offering some limited remote consultations should you need additional or ongoing information whilst awaiting your procedure / face to face appointment, so please feel free to ask us for further information on this service if appropriate to your needs.

As a member of SVM and FMH we are kept well informed about worldwide developments on a regular basis.

As soon as there is important new information, we will inform you immediately.

Please stay healthy

Dr Mishal Brugger and his team


MB Swiss SA

For your health and wellness

MB swiss SA, founded in 2013, by Dr Mishal Brugger, offers a total guidance to local and international patients in the field of medicine, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


Established in Lausanne, MB swiss SA team works with various partners such as private
clinics, renowned doctors, translators, transport and upscale hotels.


MB swiss SA guarantees a level of comfort, follow-up before, during and after your stay, remaining available for all high request.

Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mishal Brugger

As a former student of Professor Ivo Pitanguy, my aim as a surgeon is to accomplish natural results. Over the past years, the constant evolution in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine has led to techniques which are less and less invasive.


Surgeries are not always necessary! Aesthetic medicine could be sufficient which is why I would be delighted to discuss your needs and expectations and then advise you personally on the best treatment for you.

Spoken languages : French, German and Swiss-german, English and Portuguese (Brazlian)

Medical Societies

• SBCP (Brazilian association of plastic surgery)
• ACEIP (Association of European surgery of Professor Ivo Pitanguy)
• AexPi (Association of former assistants of Professor Pitanguy)
• FMH (Federation of Swiss doctors)
• SVM (Association of Vaud Medicine)


• Clinique de Montchoisi, Lausanne (since 2001)
• Clinique la Prairie, Montreux (since 2017)
• Clinique la Source, Lausanne (since 2018)
• l’Hôpital Régional de Lachen / SZ (since 2001)
• Centre médical “Etzelclinic”, Pfäffikon / SZ (since 2001)

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• Clinique la Prairie, Montreux
• ROSH medical center, Moscow – Russia


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